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    Haji Muhammad Latif (Late)


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    M.Shabib Latif
    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
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In the mid 90’s fast food companies were growing and making a new culture in the food industry of Pakistan. People were developing their love for the fast food items, but at that time most of the companies were restricted to a certain type of class or people. Only the rich/well-off people were enjoying the fast food products. This was the time when AFC (Al-Najam Fried Chicken) opened its first restaurant in Lahore. For AFC the target was to cover all the people, especially the middle class people that could not afford to go to other expensive/high priced restaurants scattered all around. From its inception AFC is struggling hard to deliver quality fast food to all those people who had the passion for fast food but had been deprived due to much expensive rates.

Our food line offered a big price cut yet with the same great taste and standards of quality. We at AFC, only use the best and fresh materials available. All the foods at AFC are processed and prepared using the state of the art equipment and cooking plants. We follow the best of standards that have been followed by all the multi-national companies.

Alhamdolillah, with the grace of ALLAH Almighty, public response was overwhelming. AFC has made its name in the food industry and is highly recognized as one of the main stream fast food provider. People across Pakistan love to eat at AFC because of its great taste and quality.

Because of the great response from people, AFC is struggling hard to make its line of food available for more and more people across Pakistan. AFC started at Saman Abad, Main Market in Lahore but now it is available in all major cities of Pakistan.

AFCTM pledges to offer you high quality and top-notch service.

At AFC, we work hard and work smart. Our work force consists of very talented and experienced personnel. These workers and team members are trained to perfection in order to follow all hygienic procedures. Our disciplined staff is taught well to respect its customers and to provide the fastest services.

We always make sure to deliver quality and freshness of our food each time you will visit an AFC.